A division of Fleetgistics, specializing in timely transport and delivery of medical specimens and supplies to hospitals, laboratories, and medical related institutions, nationwide.

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Medifleet has nearly 20 years of experience in diagnostic specimen handling and transport. But we’re not just a delivery service, we’re a partner who brings you customized logistics solutions that deliver peace of mind.

I get regular route updates. We used to have to rely on hearsay, but now we can look and pinpoint where the drivers are. That’s also helped us reshape our routes. The cost savings we got out of that have been tremendous.”  

Unmatched Expertise

You’re assured that the chain of custody is carefully and continually maintained. GPS Tracking and signature capture ensure that your deliveries and their whereabouts are always available to you.

Same Day, Your Way

We recruit the industry’s finest contract couriers, and work with you to design systems and controls specific to your requirements. From driver orientation to ongoing support from local operations managers, everything is personalized for you. We call it Same Day, Your Way.

Exceptional Value

Competitive pricing is only the beginning.  Our skilled and knowledgeable logistics management professionals continuously work with you to manage and optimize your routes to help improve your bottom line.

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